Pradheepa Pullanieswaran

Pradheepa Pullanieswaran

As a Developer Advocate at Okta, helping developers build identity solutions.

As a Community Builder at AWS, creating cloud content and helping AWS User Group Meetups in Singapore.

As a Tech Speaker, speak at Technical Conferences, Meetups.

As a Tech Enthusiast, attend meetups, conferences looking for inspirations and help time to time.

As a Women Who Code Leader, planning, volunteering events to help women into tech industry.

As a mother of twin daughters, trying to make this world a better place.

Rest of the time, I am figuring out what to do next. Now mostly asking chatgpt for ideas.

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What I Do

Content Writing

As I learn something new, I create blogs to help others and also to look back what I have done

Technical Conferences

I have been at it since 2020, speaking at meetups and conferences


Helping developers to step in the technology industry, also one of the leads of Women Who Code Singapore